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Community Profiles Series - Part 4: St Ives Country Club: A Gem Amidst The Green

St Ives Country Club

Just a short distance from central Atlanta, the St Ives Country Club isn't only a mark of luxurious living, but it also showcases a perfect balance of high-end relaxation and a tight-knit community feel. Let's dive in and explore all the unique aspects of this exceptional community.

A Chronicle: The Evolution of St Ives Country Club

The tale of St Ives Country Club begins during a time when visionaries dreamt of fusing recreation, relaxation, and residential splendor into one whole experience. Drawing inspiration from the quaint and grand manors of the English countryside, St Ives has grown and matured, becoming an essence of grace and tradition. Today, it stands not just as a community, but as a living testament to how history can be seamlessly woven into modern luxury.

Amenities: The Height of Luxury

Clubhouse Extravaganza

A crown jewel in St Ives array of amenities, the clubhouse stands as a beacon of architectural and culinary excellence. Beyond its imposing facade lie gourmet dining spaces where renowned chefs can create any dish of local and global culinary delights. Unique places like the Ascot Room, elegant dining space, provides a picturesque view of the stunning North Georgia landscape. Here, you can savor exquisite dishes like Rack of Lamb, Chicken Scallopini Pasta, and Filet Mignon. Our menu at The Ascot Room is updated seasonally, ensuring a diverse array of flavors throughout the year.

And the Turnberry Grille. It epitomizes casual dining sophistication with its indoor seating and a stylish outdoor patio that overlooks a beautiful skyline right above the driving range. It's the ultimate hotspot for a midweek power lunch or a laid-back evening rendezvous with your crew. Our ever-evolving menu showcases the latest in-season delights, including artisanal starters, gourmet sandwiches, mouthwatering burgers, and robust entree salads.

The Majestic Golf Courses Central to St Ives is its grand golf course, an artful display of landscape architecture that promises golfers of all skill levels both a challenge and a treat. The expansive greens, water hazards, and strategic fairways ensure a wonderful experience. Frequent golfing events, from friendly neighborhood tournaments to professional coaching sessions, make it especially attractive for enthusiasts.

Tennis Courts and Fitness Centers

For those whose hearts beat faster at the thought of an adrenaline rush, St Ives boasts state-of-the-art tennis courts and fitness facilities. Tailored training programs, workshops, and wellness retreats ensure that residents have a myriad of options to maintain their physical and mental well-being.

The Thread of Unity: Community Life

St Ives' soul lies in its vibrant community. Each season is celebrated with fervor – from sun-soaked summer pool parties to cozy winter soirées, artistic showcases to soulful music nights. The community's fabric is further strengthened by interest-based clubs and groups, providing residents with platforms to share passions and forge lasting bonds.

Commitment to Education

Understanding the importance of comprehensive growth, St Ives ensures easy accessibility to some of the region's finest educational institutions. These educational institutions prioritize not only academic excellence but also give significant importance to extracurricular activities, promoting holistic development in students

Prime Positioning: Connectivity

While St Ives offers residents a tranquil haven away from city chaos, its strategic location ensures that the urban luxuries of Atlanta are never too far away. Only 27 miles away from downtown Atlanta. Be it fine dining, high-end shopping, or cultural events, the city's offerings are always within easy reach, making St Ives the perfect blend of seclusion and connectivity.


St Ives Country Club is more than an address; it's an embodiment of a life enriched by luxury, nurtured by community, and anchored in tradition. With amenities that rival global luxury destinations and a spirit that celebrates togetherness, St Ives stands as Georgia's beacon of elite living.


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