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Mountain Living in North Georgia: Dillard's Best Kept Real Estate Secrets Unveiled

Tucked away in the heart of the North Georgia mountains, Dillard offers a captivating blend of breathtaking natural beauty and quintessential small-town charm. This picturesque town, surrounded by rolling hills and verdant forests, serves as an idyllic backdrop for a variety of outdoor activities, cozy dining experiences, and leisurely exploration. With its proximity to scenic trails, tranquil rivers, and a host of local attractions, Dillard is a haven for adventurers, foodies, and those looking to unwind amidst nature. Whether you're in pursuit of thrilling mountain adventures or simply seeking a peaceful retreat from the daily grind, Dillard provides a welcoming and diverse setting that appeals to all. Come discover the enchanting allure of Dillard, where every visit offers the promise of new memories and timeless enjoyment.

Dillard, GA

A Historic Gem Wrapped in Mountain Charm: Dillard

Dillard, Georgia, founded in 1794 by Revolutionary War veteran Captain John Dillard, has a rich history that transitions from a Cherokee-inhabited area to a farming community and, eventually, to a tourist destination. Its evolution is marked by the establishment of the iconic Dillard House in 1917, which helped transform Dillard into a sought-after retreat for those seeking the natural beauty and tranquility of the North Georgia mountains.

Today, Dillard balances its historic roots with its appeal as a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a glimpse into Georgia’s past while serving as a gateway to Appalachian adventures.

Outdoor Adventures in Dillard

Dillard, Georgia, is an outdoor lover's haven, offering a rich array of activities that cater to adventurers of every stripe:


Explore miles of scenic trails that wind through the lush landscapes of the Chattahoochee National Forest. Trails like the Bartram Trail offer breathtaking vistas, cascading waterfalls, and rich biodiversity, perfect for hikers of all skill levels.

Horseback Riding

Experience the natural beauty of Dillard on horseback with guided tours that take you through mountain trails, open meadows, and wooded paths. Local stables, such as the Dillard House Stables, provide rides for both beginners and experienced riders, offering a unique way to connect with nature.

Whitewater Rafting and Tubing

For those seeking a thrill, the nearby Chattooga River, a designated Wild and Scenic River, offers world-class whitewater rafting experiences. There are also gentler sections of the river perfect for tubing, making it an enjoyable activity for families and groups.


The streams and lakes around Dillard are teeming with trout, bass, and other freshwater species. Whether you’re an experienced angler or trying fishing for the first time, the tranquil waters provide an ideal setting for a peaceful day of fishing.


Experience the canopy of the North Georgia mountains from above with zip-lining adventures that take you soaring through the trees. Outfitters in the area offer tours that combine the thrill of zip-lining with the natural beauty of the surrounding forest.


Enjoy a round of golf amidst the mountain scenery at one of the area’s picturesque courses. The Sky Valley Country Club, located a short drive from Dillard, offers a challenging 18-hole course with stunning views at every turn.

  • Sky Valley Country Club: Just a short drive from Dillard, Sky Valley Country Club boasts a beautifully manicured 18-hole championship course. Nestled at a high elevation, it is Georgia's highest golf course, offering cooler temperatures and a unique golfing environment. The course layout incorporates the natural terrain, with rolling fairways, strategically placed hazards, and greens that demand precision.

  • Rabun County Golf Opportunities: While Sky Valley is a highlight, the broader Rabun County area, encompassing Dillard, is home to several other golfing venues, each offering its own unique challenges and scenic beauty. From public courses that cater to casual play to more exclusive clubs offering refined golfing experiences, the region caters to golfers of every preference.

Dillard’s Culinary Delights and Local Attractions

Dillard, Georgia, offers more than just outdoor adventures; it's a haven for culinary enthusiasts and a treasure trove of local attractions that captivate visitors.

Culinary Delights

  • The Dillard House: An iconic eatery, this establishment is famous for its family-style Southern meals, offering generous portions of traditional dishes like fried chicken, country ham, and seasonal vegetables, all sourced locally. The Dillard House also provides a picturesque setting, with views of the surrounding mountains and meadows.

  • Cupboard Café: For a cozy dining experience, this café serves homemade dishes that comfort the soul, from hearty breakfasts to delectable lunch specials. Their bakery items, particularly the pies and cakes, are must-try treats.

  • Georgia Apple Festival: Held annually in October, this festival celebrates Ellijay’s status as the Apple Capital of Georgia. Featuring hundreds of vendors, craft demonstrations, a parade, and plenty of apple-themed foods, it’s a must-visit for anyone coming to Ellijay in the fall.

  • Valley Café & Catering: Offering a blend of American and international cuisine, this spot is known for its fresh ingredients and creative menu, perfect for those looking to try something different.

Local Attractions

Beyond the plate, Dillard is home to attractions that celebrate its natural beauty and cultural heritage.

  • R.M. Rose & Co. Distillers: Dive into the local spirit—literally—at this distillery, where you can tour the facilities and taste award-winning whiskeys and moonshines, learning about the region's distilling traditions.

  • Hambidge Center: A hidden gem for art lovers, this retreat and gallery showcases the works of local and resident artists, set amidst a backdrop of natural beauty. It's a space where creativity is nurtured and displayed in harmony with the environment.

  • 12 Spies Vineyards and Farm: Nestled in the rolling hills, this vineyard offers tastings and tours, allowing visitors to savor local wines while enjoying panoramic views. Their outdoor terrace is a perfect spot to unwind.

  • Antique and Craft Shopping: Dillard and the surrounding areas are dotted with unique shops offering antiques, crafts, and gifts. From quaint boutiques to expansive antique malls, there’s something to pique the interest of collectors and casual shoppers alike.

  • Outdoor Markets: Seasonal markets and festivals in Dillard showcase the region's agricultural bounty and artisanal products, offering a taste of local life and an opportunity to bring a piece of Georgia home with you.

Interesting & Fun Facts That Reveal Dillard

Dillard, Georgia, might be small in size, but it's rich in character and history, offering visitors and residents alike a unique blend of natural beauty, culinary excellence, and cozy mountain culture. Here are some interesting and fun facts about Dillard that reveal its charm:

  • Gateway to Outdoor Adventure: Dillard is often considered a gateway to the Appalachian Mountains, serving as a base camp for explorers looking to tackle the trails, rivers, and natural wonders of the region. Its proximity to the Great Smoky Mountains and the Appalachian Trail makes it a favorite among hikers, bird watchers, and nature enthusiasts.

  • The Dillard House: This historic inn and restaurant, founded in 1917, is not only a centerpiece of Dillard’s hospitality but also a testament to Southern cuisine. The Dillard House serves meals family-style, offering guests a taste of genuine Southern hospitality and an array of dishes made from recipes passed down through generations.

  • A Photographer's Dream: The scenic landscapes of Dillard, from its rolling hills and mountain vistas to its vibrant autumn foliage and sparkling winter snowscapes, make it a favorite destination for photographers and artists seeking inspiration from the natural world.

  • Outdoor Markets and Festivals: Dillard comes alive with seasonal markets and festivals that celebrate the town's agricultural roots and community spirit. From the Dillard Bluegrass & Barbeque Festival to local farmers' markets, these gatherings are a testament to the town's vibrant local culture.

Communities in Dillard

In Dillard, Georgia, several communities cater to various lifestyles, offering everything from golf and outdoor activities to serene mountain living:

  • Sky Valley Country Club A prestigious golf community with amenities like tennis courts and a swimming pool, offering homes from cozy cabins to luxurious estates.

  • Heather Stone Tops A gated community at higher elevations, known for its stunning mountain views and privacy.

  • Bear Creek Estates Features rustic charm with modern conveniences, set in a serene mountain environment with spacious lots.

  • Wynngate at Dillard Caters to those seeking beauty in the North Georgia mountains, with a range of home styles designed to complement the natural surroundings.

  • Riverview Estates Located by the Little Tennessee River, ideal for water enthusiasts and nature lovers, offering tranquil riverfront living.

Each of these Dillard communities offers a unique blend of natural beauty, comfort, and outdoor adventure, making them appealing for both permanent residents and vacation home seekers.

Heather Stone Tops, Dillard

Real Estate Market Overview in Dillard

Dillard's real estate market is known for its variety, featuring everything from cozy mountain cabins and traditional homes to luxury estates with expansive views. The market caters to a wide range of buyers, including those looking for vacation homes, investment properties, or a peaceful permanent residence away from city life.

Price Trends

Prices in Dillard can vary widely based on location, property size, and amenities. Generally, the market offers more affordable options compared to larger metropolitan areas, with something to fit most budgets. Buyers can find charming cabins starting at lower price points, while larger, more luxurious properties command higher prices, reflecting their size, location, and features.

Investment Opportunities

The market in Dillard presents various investment opportunities, especially in the vacation rental sector. Properties located near popular outdoor attractions or with mountain views tend to be especially desirable for short-term rentals, offering potential income for investors.

Future Outlook

The real estate market in Dillard is expected to remain attractive due to its unique combination of natural beauty, lifestyle amenities, and relative affordability. As more people seek out destinations that offer both recreational activities and a tranquil lifestyle, Dillard's appeal is likely to grow, potentially leading to increased interest and values over time.

In summary, Dillard’s real estate market offers a range of options for those drawn to the tranquility and beauty of the North Georgia mountains. Whether you’re searching for a vacation getaway, a permanent home, or an investment opportunity, Dillard provides a compelling blend of lifestyle and investment potential.


Dillard is a blend of natural beauty, outdoor recreation, and a warm, welcoming community. Its diverse real estate market caters to a wide range of preferences and budgets, making it an attractive destination for homebuyers seeking tranquility, investors looking for lucrative opportunities, and everyone in between. With its picturesque landscapes, variety of outdoor activities, and charming local attractions, Dillard not only promises a serene mountain lifestyle but also holds potential for growth and investment. Whether you're drawn to the area for its scenic beauty, the lifestyle it offers, or the real estate opportunities, Dillard is a place where memories are made and adventures await. As the town continues to attract attention for all the right reasons, it stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of mountain living in Georgia.

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