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Living on Lake Blue Ridge: Is living that up north worth it?

Updated: Feb 19

Living on Lake Blue Ridge


Living by the lake paints a soothing picture: calm, early-morning waters and the tranquil hum of waves at dusk. Among the many lakes that grace the stunning state of Georgia, Lake Blue Ridge shines with unique charm. Yet, as with any significant decision, residing on Lake Blue Ridge has its advantages and drawbacks. So how does it compare to other well-known lakes in Georgia? Let's investigate.

Pros of living on Lake Blue Ridge

1. Natural Beauty

Lake Blue Ridge, with its impressive 3,290-acre surface, presents a scenic sanctuary. The pristine lake, bordered by around 60 miles of shoreline, is a nature lover's paradise. Life here means starting each day with captivating views and basking in the tranquility that only the natural world can provide.

2. Recreational Activities

Lake Blue Ridge offers a wealth of recreational activities. It is a popular location for boating, swimming, hiking, and particularly fishing - fishing on Lake Blue Ridge is renowned due to its diverse fish population. The extensive shoreline and numerous trails make it a hiker's delight.

3. Peaceful Lifestyle

Located approximately two hours away from Atlanta, Lake Blue Ridge is perfect for those seeking the serenity of lake life, well removed from the constant buzz of a metropolis. Although a bit farther from the city than some other lakes, it promises a more relaxed and peaceful lifestyle.

Cons of living on Lake Ridge

1. Cost of living

Realizing the dream of living on Lake Blue Ridge can come with a higher price tag from $750,000 upwards. The cost of Blue Ridge lakefront homes for sale can be steep, and the extra maintenance required for waterfront homes can accumulate.

2. Limited Nightlife

Known for its tranquil setting, Lake Blue Ridge offers limited nightlife and urban amenities. For those seeking vibrant evening activities, the peaceful atmosphere might feel a bit too calm.

3. Distance from Atlanta

While Lake Blue Ridge provides a quiet lifestyle, its greater distance from major cities like Atlanta could be a drawback for those needing frequent access to larger urban amenities and professional opportunities.

Real Estate on Blueridge

The Real Estate Landscape on Lake Bue Ridge

The variety of real estate on Lake Blue Ridge mirrors the captivating natural scenery that cradles the lake. The real estate market offers a broad spectrum, from quaint cottages tucked amidst the foliage to sprawling luxury homes that include private docks, catering to a multitude of tastes and budgets.

Real Estate Prices on Lake Blue Ridge

The prices of Blue Ridge lakefront homes for sale echo the appeal of a life spent by the lake. Lakefront properties on Lake Blue Ridge ranged from around $700,000 well beyond a million for the larger, luxury properties. It's essential to remember, though, that real estate prices can shift due to a variety of factors, including location, size, the condition of the home, market demand, and more. Hence, consulting with a local real estate agent or conducting an updated market analysis is crucial for the most accurate and current information.

Considerations for Potential Buyers

Potential buyers should take into account certain factors when considering real estate on Lake Blue Ridge. Waterfront properties can require extra upkeep due to their exposure to the elements. Issues such as potential erosion, water damage, and regulations regarding shoreline use are important considerations.

Additionally, Lake Blue Ridge's popularity means that some properties may experience noise and traffic, particularly during the peak summer season. Homes situated in the more secluded regions of the lake may offer greater tranquility, while those located near public marinas and popular beaches may experience more activity. Styles of Homes on Lake Blue Ridge

The most sought-after real estate on Lake Blue Ridge is found along its picturesque shoreline. Here, the home styles are incredibly diverse. Prospective homeowners can find everything from charming cottages perfect for a tranquil retreat, mid-sized houses that are ideal for families, to extravagant residences that promise a lavish lakeside lifestyle. Many of these homes come equipped with additional features like boat docks, decks with impressive lake views, and large yards, all adding to the allure of lakeside living.

Investing in Lake Blue Ridge Real Estate

Despite these considerations, investing in Lake Oconee real estate can be a wise decision. Apart from the obvious benefit of living in a beautiful environment, owning a home on Lake Oconee can be a solid investment. Lakefront properties are in high demand and limited supply, which often leads to an increase in value over the long term.

Lake Blueridge

Comparing Lake Oconee to Other Lakes in Georgia

Lake Allatoona

Similar in size to Lake Lanier and located near Atlanta, Lake Allatoona also offers a range of outdoor activities. However, it tends to be less crowded, providing a more peaceful environment. But, it isn't as conveniently located as Lake Lanier when it comes to access to services and amenities.

Lake Lanier

In comparison to Lake Lanier, Lake Oconee offers more privacy and solitude. Lake Oconee real estate can often be more affordable, but it's also located farther from large urban areas. It's perfect for those seeking a calm, peaceful lifestyle.

Lake Burton

Located in the northeastern corner of Georgia, Lake Burton is known for its clear waters and scenic mountain views. Like Lake Lanier, it is popular for water sports and fishing. It is a bit more remote, offering a peaceful atmosphere, but also means it’s further from major city amenities.

Lake Sinclair

Lake Sinclair is known for its steady water levels, a clear advantage over both Lake Lanier and Lake Blue Ridge. Its remote location means fewer tourists, but also fewer amenities and longer commutes to major cities.

Conclusion In conclusion, living on Lake Blue Ridge, like any other lakeside residence, has its unique benefits and challenges. The best choice ultimately depends on personal preferences, whether it's a lively city life, serene solitude, recreational activities, or living costs. With Georgia's array of lakes, you're certain to find the perfect match for your lifestyle needs.


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