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Community Profiles Series - Part 5: St Marlo Country Club: A Green Retreat in the Heart of Nature

St Ives Country Club

Just a short jump from Atlanta's lively heart, St. Marlo Country Club isn't just about luxury. It perfectly combines top-notch fun with a deep sense of community. Join us in exploring the captivating charm of this outstanding community.

A Chronicle: The Growth of St Marlo Club

The story of St. Marlo Country Club dates back to a time when visionaries dreamed of combining relaxation, peace, and impressive homes in one setting. Inspired by the grace and charm of European estates, St. Marlo has flourished, representing both tradition and elegance. Today, it's not just a refuge but a beautiful blend of history and modern luxury.

Amenities: Luxurious Living Refined

Palatial Clubhouse

The crown jewel of St. Marlo's offerings, the clubhouse, showcases both architectural splendor and culinary excellence. Beyond its grand facade lie dining areas where top chefs blend local and global culinary delights. With events like wine gatherings, themed dinners, and community events, it truly forms the lively heart of the community.

Th Gran Golf Terrain Central to St. Marlo is its stunning golf terrain, a remarkable blend of design and allure for golf enthusiasts. Voted one of the top 3 “Best Public Golf Courses in Atlanta”. Its expansive greens, shimmering ponds, and well-designed fairways guarantee an enthralling experience. Hosting a range of golf-focused events, from local games to professional training, it's a hub for those passionate about golf.

Tennis Courts and Wellness Hubs

For those seeking excitement and vitality, St. Marlo offers premier tennis courts and fitness centers. Customized training programs, workshops, and wellness retreats provide residents with various ways to maintain their physical and mental well-being.

The Binding Force: Communal Vibrancy

Central to St. Marlo is its vibrant community. Every season brings passionate celebrations – whether it's warm summer meet-ups at the pool or cozy winter parties, art exhibitions or musical nights. This sense of unity is further strengthened by dedicated clubs and groups, allowing members to share interests and build lasting bonds.

Dedication to Learning

Understanding the importance of well-rounded growth, St. Marlo is conveniently located near some of the area's leading educational institutions. These schools focus not only on academic excellence but also emphasize extracurricular activities, ensuring students have a balanced development.

Strategic Location

Although St. Marlo provides residents with a quiet escape from city hustle, its strategic location ensures that Atlanta's city delights are just a quick drive away. Only 34 miles away from Be it fine dining, top-tier shopping, or art exhibitions, the city's gems are always within reach. This makes St. Marlo the perfect balance of a peaceful hideaway and easy access to urban pleasures.

Cost of living in St. Marlo

The association fee is $2,775 per year, made payable in two payments of $1,387.50. This covers 24/7 Security/Onsite Management/Swim and Tennis/Common Area Maintenance/once per week trash collection and recycling. With an additional initiation fee of $1,500 from buyer at closing.

St Marlo Country Club


St. Marlo Country Club represents more than just a place to live; it embodies a lifestyle marked by luxury, enriched by community ties, and deeply connected to its legacy. Boasting amenities that rival global luxury destinations and a sense of togetherness, St. Marlo stands out as Georgia's epitome of sophisticated living.


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