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Can’t Sell Your House in Georgia? 6 Mistakes You Might Be Making

You purchased a house in Georiga a couple of years ago, but now it is time to sell due to one personal reason or the other. Whether you are selling your home due to a work transfer, change of environment, or financial reasons, selling your house in Georgia can be one of the most daunting journeys you will ever make.

As a seasoned or new home seller, seeing your home sit on the market for months without any forthcoming offer can be quite a frustrating experience. And if you are like most individuals looking to sell their home, you may already be asking yourself the common question, “why isn’t my home selling?” When this happens, there are always several underlying issues behind such a sale drought.

This article will cover six (6) reasons you find it difficult to sell your home in Georgia.

1.) Your Home is in a Bad Shape

Selling your home in Georgia comes with many responsibilities, including keeping your home in good shape. While it is essential that you clean, mop, and dust your home regularly, homebuyers want a lot more from their potential home.

If you are not receiving offers from potential buyers, the chances are that your home is in terrible shape, which is sending the wrong message to buyers. The simple solution is to conduct a pre-sale inspection to determine the various maintenance issues with your home and fix them before listing it for sale.

2.) Your Home is priced too high.

Another mistake you may be making when looking to sell your home in Georgia is incorrect pricing. Your home may be in excellent condition, but it won’t sell if the price is not right. For instance, you may have listed your home with the hopes that a buyer will present an offer that is close to your asking price.

If your home has been in the market for months without any forthcoming offer, it is time for you to get realistic about its worth. At this point, you should evaluate what similar homes in your neighborhood sold for and review your price. More importantly, you should hire a local real estate agent to work with you since they have accurate knowledge of the local real estate market.

3.) Your Listing Photos Are Not of Great Quality

If your home is in great shape and your price is right, your home listing photos may not be adequate or of excellent quality. Thanks to the internet, photos are the first thing your potential buyers will see of your house before deciding whether to visit your home.

While using your smartphone camera may seem cheaper, you should consider hiring a professional real estate photographer to capture your home’s unique features. Real estate photographers understand the features that your potential buyers want to see and the right lighting condition to help your home stand out.

4.) Your Home Has Not Been Marketed Well Enough

Although it is common for home sellers to leave the marketing aspect to their real estate agent, this is usually not enough. You can further market your home by creating flyers, advertising on your social media pages, and word of mouth in your neighborhood. Local Agent Finder recommends that you add a video tour of the home to add spice to your listing.

You can also discuss the option of organizing an open house or requesting feedbacks from your potential home buyers about your home. More importantly, it would be best if you considered working closely with your real estate agent to strategize your home sale marketing aspect.

5.) Unwillingness to Sell

Sometimes, the reason behind your home not selling may entirely be your fault. While this may sound weird, you may be your obstacle. It is easy to develop emotional attachment or sentiments to your home. And this type of attachment may cause you to act in specific ways that will hurt your home sale.

Having a strong sentimental attachment to your home may cause you to set the price too high, ignore offers or recommendations relating to its sale, or leave out dark spots in the cleaning of your home. Before selling, you should discuss your fears, worries, and emotional attachment to the house that may negatively affect your real estate agent's sale.

6.) You Hired the Wrong Real Estate Agent

If your House checks all the right boxes but you are still not receiving offers from potential buyers, then the problem might be from your real estate agent. Real estate agents play a vital role when it comes to selling a house, especially in Georgia. Hiring the wrong real estate agent will negatively impact the success of your house selling journey.

If you feel your real estate agent is not delivering the right results, you should discuss your concerns with them. However, if the outcome remains the same, you should hire a new local real estate agent to handle the selling process.

Final Thoughts

Selling a House in Georgia can be a daunting task when done without the help of a qualified local real estate agent. Working with a local real estate agent will help you save money, time, and get you the best offer for your home.


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