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Buying In Georgia and Why You Want To Do That

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Undoubtedly, the Peach State, Georgia, is a great place to live with its numerous attraction points, a thriving lifestyle, and breathtaking views. However, does this Empire State of the South have stable housing? Is it a good idea to invest in the properties in Georgia?

To answer these queries, we first need to know the least and the most expensive cities of this Peach State.

Least Expensive:

· Grovetown

· Cedartown

· Thomson

· Waynesboro

· Blakely

Most Expensive

· Alpharetta

· Dunwoody

· Johns Creek

· Sandy Spring

· Milton

Why Should You Buy a House in Georgia?

Stable Job Market

Georgia is home to multiple Fortune 500 companies, including The Home Depot and Delta Airlines, to provide its residents with a range of job opportunities. Besides, the state has the highest job growth, especially in its urban cities. Technology is the booming employment sector in Atlanta and other major cities of Georgia, closely followed by the entertainment industry. You can find a high number of production houses such as Turner Studios, Tyler Perry Studios, and EUE/Screen Gems Studios.

Sustainable Urbanization

The state offers a perfect balance between workforce, culture, and work-life, making it an ideal place to live. Even its suburbs and countryside downtowns are quite vibrant and advanced with added benefits of community bliss, appealing to the Gen-Z and millennials who are the driving force of the country’s economy. The generation prefers settling in towns and cities that are walkable with substantial shopping areas, good food, affordable lifestyle, and dense housing systems, making Georgia perfect for them.


Pricing is one of the most defining features when it comes to making long-term investments. However, you can even opt for home insurance and mortgages to make the purchase much more affordable. If the budget is not much of a concern for you, then focus more on other aspects, such as city life, traffic, and number attraction spots, then here are some cities you should consider.

Unrestrained Lifestyle

Atlanta, being the State’s Capital is our top pick due to its bustling music scene, impressive nightlife, and expansive diversity. Currently, the cost of homes in Atlanta is

Around $225, 000 whereas the selling price is almost $300, 000 and rentals are approximately $1,700 per month. Since it has numerous go-to places, Atlanta is an excellent choice for nearly everyone who enjoys outdoors.

Roswell is the second-best city in Georgia with its fairly neutral real estate market. This means the property market is neither in sellers’ favor nor in the buyers’, making your home a highly safe investment. Those who like living in close communities with interactive neighborhoods will find Roswell a safe haven. Besides, it has sprawling nightlife, rich cuisine, and a burgeoning art scene. You can quickly get a home for $372,000 with $1,500 monthly rentals.

The third best to live in Georgia is Savannah, known for its grasslands and homey vibes. The property market is also legitimately neutral, with an average buying cost of $129, 000, and the selling price is about $225,000. The monthly rentals are also relatively low at about $1,300/month, making it one of the affordable places to live.

Great Schooling System

A State’s education system could be one of the most critical factors impacting your decision on relocation. Fortunately, Georgia is a top-rated State with countrywide best schools in almost all of its cities. Here are some stats for you:

Georgia’s Education Sector position in the Country

· Teacher’s Ranking: #30

· School System Quality: #39

· School System Safety: #23

· Largest School Network: #15

· Overall Ranking: #38

If you are mainly planning to move to Atlanta, it is the 24th most educated State in the country, with 48.2% population having a bachelor’s degree. Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology in Lawrenceville and the University of Georgia in Athens are the three top-rated schools in the State.

However, it would be best if you considered a few facts that the REAL Georgians talk about:

Pollen Coatings in spring and summer.

Too many mosquitoes

Traffic on the road (that’s everywhere)

Have a look at the State’s Coolest Attraction:

Jekyll Island

CNN Center

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Stone Mountain

Lake Lanier

Appalachian Mountains (Hiking and Waterfalls)

Piedmont Park


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